Top 7 Fruits For Diabetics

Diabetes causes high blood sugar (glucose) levels due to lack of insulin production or function. A healthy lifestyle that incorporates an appropriate eating pattern, work out, legitimate rest, less stress assumes a major part in controlling

June 30, 2017

Diabetes causes high blood sugar (glucose) levels due to lack of insulin production or function. There are two types of diabetes. Type 1, in which the body does not produce insulin, and Type 2, in which the body is not able to properly use the insulin it produces. It is very important to control diabetes because it can cause health complications including kidney failure, nerve damage, blindness, heart attacks, strokes, poor blood circulation, hearing loss and many more. A healthy lifestyle that incorporates an appropriate eating pattern, work out, legitimate rest, less stress assumes a major part in controlling blood glucose levels. A diabetic should consume  foods that are high in nutrients, low in fat, less in calories and few sugary foods. As fruits are sweet in taste, people feel that a diabetic person should avoid eating them.In any case, there are a few fruits that are especially effective at managing blood sugar. Packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients. Fruits are a healthy addition to any diet if you know which fruits you need to include in your diet plan. Diabetics additionally need to consider components like glycemic index and glycemic load as they offer data on how distinctive foods influence glucose and insulin levels. Foods with low glycemic index beneficially affect blood glucose control as they don't altogether affect glucose levels. Generally foods with a glycemic index score of 55 and below are classified as low glycemic index foods. Those with a glycemic index score of 70 or more are viewed as high glycemic index food.

Here are the top 7 fruits for diabetics.


Apples are high in soluble fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants. The crunchy, juicy and sweet apples helps in controlling diabetes. Eating apples on a regular basis might reduce insulin resistance, which should lead to lower blood sugar levels. This is because the polyphenols in apples, which are found primarily in apple skin, stimulate your pancreas to release insulin and help your cells take in sugar. Plus, apples help prevent heart attacks, reduce the risk of cancer and ward off eye diseases among diabetic people. Foods rich in fiber are less likely to affect blood sugar levels, thus helping you keep your levels steady. Apples are rich in fiber and won't have a large effect on your blood sugar.

apple good for diabetics


Cherries are one of the healthy fruit containing lowest glycemic index. Cherries contain antioxidants, beta-carotene, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron, fiber and folate. They also help fight against heart disease, cancer and other diseases that are common among diabetic people. Cherries can be eaten fresh, canned, frozen or dried. One-half cup of cherries a day is a good option.
Cherries good for diabetics

Black plums

Black plums or Jamun, can help a lot in controlling blood sugar. Black plums caontains anthocyanins, ellagic acid and hydrolysable tannins which makes this fruit extremely beneficial for diabetic people. The fruit helps control the conversion of carbohydrates into blood sugar. It also control excessive thirst and frequent urination problems in diabetic people. Along with the fruit, the leaves, berry and seeds of the black plum tree can be used to lower blood sugar level.

Black plums good for diabetics


Guava can likewise help those patients who experience the ill effects of diabetes. The high amount of dietary fiber in guava controls the absorption of sugar by the body, which reduces the risk of real spikes and drops in insulin and glucose in the body. Researched shows that intake of guava can help keep the presence of Type 2 diabetes. Guava leaves are also useful in controlling sugar. Include one guava without the peel daily in your diet if you have diabetes.

Guava good for diabetics


Diabetic patients can securely eat grapefruit, as grapefruit can decrease the level of starch in the body. If a patient is diabetic, consuming of grapefruit can help them to manage the stream of sugar in their body, successfully dealing with the illness. Research have shown that grapefruits are effective for diabetic because of the flavonoid substance of grapefruits, alongside various other sound advantages from those mixes. Eating the fruit, rather than drinking the juice, is more effective for diabetes.

Grapefruit good for diabetics


Due to its high fiber and good mono unsaturated fat substance, avocado steadies glucose. Mono unsaturated fats additionally enhance heart health. Diabetic individuals are at a risk of  hazard for coronary illness and stroke. Furthermore, avocado contains a decent amount of potassium, a mineral that forestalls diabetic neuropathy.

Avocado good for diabetics


Kiwi has low glycemic index which makes it appropriate for the people with diabetes. A review led on kiwi separates exhibited that utilization of the organic product helps in the control of adipogenesis which is basic for the prevention of diabetes. Brokenness of fat tissues in the body is firmly involved in the improvement of insulin resistance and diabetes.

Kiwi good for diabetics