How to do Tittibhasana (The Firefly Pose): Steps & Health Benefits

Health benefits of Tittibhasana include strengthening The Back and Abdominal Muscles, Improves Digestive Health, Strengthen The Ankle, Hips and Thigh, Enhance Sexual Health

June 1, 2018

Tittibhasana is one of the most important asana in yoga with lots of health benefits. It is also known as The Firefly Pose. The name Tittibhasana actually comes from Sanskrit words, it is a combination of two words, where Tittibha means small insect, fly or Firefly and Asana mean Pose, so the combination of all the words, its pronounced as a The Firefly Pose and also while we practice this asana its resembles like a flying firefly. 

Tittibhasana has lots of health benefits; among that some of the health benefits of Tittibhasana include strengthening The Back and Abdominal Muscles, Improves Digestive Health, Strengthen The Ankle, Hips and Thigh, Enhance Sexual Health, Reduces Belly Fat, Relieves Stress and Anxiety, Improves Blood Circulation, Improves Cardiovascular Health and Improves Kidneys and Liver Function.

Before we go to do this asana, we should know for whom this Tittibhasana is not recommended. Those who are suffering from severe back injury, hip injury, ankle injury and knee injury, recently any surgery on your back or waist, spinal column ailments on the lower vertebrae they should not do this asana.  Those who are suffering from high or low blood pressure, they should not do this asana without any supervision. Those who are suffering from severe headache they should avoid this asana.  Those suffering from any form of hernia should avoid this practice.

How to do Tittibhasana (The Firefly Pose):

  • To start this asana get onto the yoga mat and get down to the Adho Mukha Svanasana.
  • Now bring your feet towards your hand. By then, let your hands through your legs, and press them behind the calves, with the true objective that you crawl promote through your legs. 
  • Now then try to keep your arms and shoulders as long courses behind your thighs as you can put them. Now place your palms behind your feet to such a degree, to the point that your rear areas are held with your thumb and pointer finger (forefinger). 
  • Carefully curve your knees and squat as you rest the back of your legs as close to your shoulders as you can. 
  • Your finger and palms should be spread enough so that you can slowly bring your body weight onto them. Now try to take off your feet from the floor. Try to make balance at this point. Crush your thighs against the upper arms to acquire tallness. 
  • Try to remain in this position as long as you can.
  • For beginners, try to be in this position for 30 to 60 seconds.
  • To release from this position, slowly get back to the starting position, keep your leg straight and take a deep breath and relax. Keep both the hands alongside your body. 
  • Now you can again do this asana. You should do minimum 10 repetitions of this asana for better result.
  • Initially, when you start this yoga asana, you feel some pain in your legs, spine, abdomen, calf, thigh, and arms, but as you practice more you can do this asana more easily.

Health Benefits of Tittibhasana (The Firefly Pose):

Tittibhasana Strengthen The Back and Abdominal Muscles:

The regular practice of Tittibhasana will help to keep our back and abdominal muscles strong and healthy, because while doing Tittibhasana, our spine is moving downward that helpful to reduce the hunch and squeeze the abdominal muscles. Different studies have been proven that regular practicing of Tittibhasana helps to improve the flexibility and elasticity of the spine and abdominal muscles, beside this it also helps to reduce the stiffness of the spine, thus reduce the back pain.

Tittibhasana Strengthen The Forearms, Wrists and Shoulders:

Different studies have been proven that regular practice of Tittibhasana, can stretch your Forearms, Wrists and Shoulders Muscles, that put extra pressure on this muscle, so that blood flow will increase in this area and muscles will get more amount of oxygen and nutrition, which helps them to strengthen and regular practice of this asana also can help to prevent injury in Forearms, Wrists and Shoulders Muscles during exercise and other works.

Tittibhasana Improves Digestive Health:

Regular practice of Tittibhasana can improve our digestive health and it also helps to prevent various types of digestion related issues, such as constipation because while doing Tittibhasana, it's create lot of pressure on stomach and inner intestine, due to this our body create stress hormone, which helps to promote the function of the digestive system that improve the proper bowel movement and it also promote the production of digestive juice and enzyme that helps in digesting of complex protein and carbohydrate.

Tittibhasana Relieves Stress and Anxiety:

While we are doing this Tittibhasana, our blood circulation gets increase, which also helps to improve the blood flow to the brain, which mean our brain will get sufficient amount of oxygenated blood and nutrition, which helps to improve the brain function and it also helps to reduce the various types of issue, such as stress, anxiety, headache, etc. This asana is highly recommended to the student, if they practice Tittibhasana on a regular basis, it can improve their concentration towards studies and they will focus more towards their carrier.

Tittibhasana Enhance Sexual Health:

Practicing of Tittibhasana on a regular basis can enhance sexual performance because while doing this  yoga asana, it squeezes our sexual organ, which helps in the production of stress hormones in that area that helps to stimulate our sexual organ and it also improve the blood flow to the sexual organ will help to increase the function of sexual performance. Beside this regular practice of this asana also helps to improve the strength of the hips, calf and thigh muscles, and all these body parts are very useful for optimal sexual performance.

Tittibhasana Reduces Belly Fat:

Different studies have been proven that regular practice of Tittibhasana is very helpful for our abdominal muscles and it also helps to reduce the fat from the belly region because while doing this asana it create lots of pressure on our abdominal muscles that helps to reduce the extra fat from the belly.

Tittibhasana Improves Blood Circulation:

When we are doing Tittibhasana it helps to open the chest muscles that helps improve the blood circulation, thus reduce the strain from the blood vessels and also prevent the formation of fat and cholesterol in our body.

Health benefits of Tittibhasana

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