How to do Sirsasana: Steps & Health Benefits

Sirsasana also known as the headstands pose. Health benefits of sirsasana include improving eyes health, good for your skin and hair. Sirsasana also helps to improve the blood circulation to the brain and improve the memory

May 31, 2018

Sirsasana also known as the headstands pose is one of the most important asana in yoga with lots of health benefits.  For the beginner the asana is not easy; however, this asana is not that difficult as it seems to be, if you practice this asana regularly you can perform this asana more easily. Sirsasana is one of the iconic pose in yoga. To do this asana properly, you required lots of strength and balance in your body. 

Sirsasana has lots of health benefits, among that some of the health benefits of sirsasana are improved blood flow to the brain, improve the brain and eyes function, keep your skin young and radiant, it also helps to improve the concentration and boost the memory power, keep healthy the adrenal glands and kidneys, relax the heart pericardium, and improves blood flow to the neck, face, and head.  

Before we go to do this asana, we should know for whom this asana is not recommended. Those who are suffering from neck injury, neck pain, glaucoma, hypertension, headache, stroke and aneurysm in the brain they should not do this asana. Those who are beginners and practicing first time, they should do this asana under the supervision of yoga instructor. 

How to do Sirsasana (Headstands Pose)

1. First stand on your both feet, then come to your keens and place your forearms on the floor. Then interlock your finger, your palm should face to the roof, your elbow should be at the same distance as your shoulder. This distance should be maintained for the perfect balance.
2. Now down your head and place the crown of the head supported by the interlaced fingers on the floor. Your interlaced fingers should cup the back side of your head for better support and balance. 
3. Slowly take your hips followed by your knees; your feet should be closed as close as possible. 
4. Bring your keens close to the chest by bending it and slowly lift your feet from the floor by using your abdominal strength. If you face problem while lifting your both legs, you can lift your legs one after another, it will be easier for you. 
5. Lift both of your legs, try to balance your body; your body weight should be on your both forearms. Your leg should be completely straight from the hips towards up. 
6. Keep this position for 1 to 3 breaths.
7. To release from this position, slowly down your legs towards the floor, then your keens and hips.
8. For a beginner, you can practice this asana against the wall.

Health Benefits of Sirsasana (Headstands Pose)

Sirsasana Relieves Stress

Due to increase of blood flow to the brain, this asana is very useful to reduce anxiety, stress and fear. Regular practice of sirsasana combined with slow breathing can reduce the stress and also it will help you to improve the brain function and quick decision making. 

Sirsasana Increases Focus

Sirsasana works against the gravitation because your head position is downward, so the blood flow to the brain is easy and volume is more. Due to increase in blood flow, brain gets more oxygen, thus your brain function will improve and your brain is more focused. Student can practice this asana on a regular basis to improve their concentration towards studies and they will focus more towards their carrier. 

Sirsasana Improves Eyes Health

As we already discussed practice of Sirsasana can improve the blood flow to the upper part of the body such as eyes. Blood carries oxygen, nutrient and other healthy thing, which is very useful for our eyes healthy. Studies say that by practicing this asana on a regular basis can reduce the risk of macular degeneration and other eye related issues such as Cataracts

Sirsasana Increases Blood Flow to the Head and Scalp

Sirsasna is the one of the best asana, which is very good for our head and scalp health because it improve the blood flow to the head and scalp, which carries various nutrients to our body. Regular practicing this asana not only good for your scalps health, but also it is very good for our hair follicles and it reduce the hair fall

Sirsasana Strengthens Shoulders and Arms

While practicing sirsasana your whole body weight is carried by your forearms and shoulders, which gives lots of pressure to your forearms and shoulder muscles and your muscles will tone and stranger day by day as you practice this asana. 

Sirsasana Improves Digestion

Due to reverse the effects of gravity on your digestive organs, practicing this Sirsasana is very good for your digestive health. It helps to release stuck materials and gases. Because of an increase in blood flow to the digestive organs, they get proper nutrient, thus improve in digestive health

Sirsasana Helps to Flush Out the Adrenal Glands

By practicing this sirsasana, your adrenal glands going upside, which put stress on the adrenal glands, thus promote the production of stress hormones, which helps to clean the adrenal glands. Regular practicing this asana on a regular basis can improve the function of adrenal glands and prevent various types of issue such as high in cholesterol

Sirsasana Decreases Fluid Build-Up in the Legs, Ankles and Feet

Studies say that practicing this asana on a regular basis can prevent the edema issue of your legs, ankles and feet. Due to the reversing gravity effects on your body fluids, store water in your legs, ankles and feet will flush out and you will feel very relaxed and regular practicing this asana can prevent edema issue permanently. 

Sirsasana Develops Strength In the Core Muscles

Doing sirsasana we required our core muscles because we have to balance our bodies. To keep our legs ups, we put a lot of stress on our core muscles, thus our core muscles will stimuli and tone. Due to more blood flow our core muscles got more oxygen and nutrients, and it will get stronger day by day as you practice this asana. Most of the athletes are practicing this asana to get better and stronger core muscles.  

Health Benefits of Sirsasana