10 Health Benefits of Neera

Neera contains high amount of Amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Health benefits of Neera include improving skin health, good for our liver, improves digestive health and Neera also prevents anemia and respiratory problems.

May 31, 2018

Neera, is also called palm nectar, is a sweet, translucent drink that has been picking up ubiquity due to its high healthful esteem. It is mostly consumed in several nations all over the world like Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. It is one of the healthiest and non-alcoholic drinks delivered by tapping palmyra palm, coconut palm or different palms. It can be used in making of several produce such as jaggery, sweeteners, concentrated syrup etc.

Due to various types of Vitamin, Minerals and nutrients, present in the Neera it has lots of health benefits. Among that some of the health benefits of Neera include Preventing various types of Cancer, Improve the Immune System, Reduce Blood Pressure, Improves Skin Health, Improves Eye Health, Ideal for Diabetic Patients, Helps to Cure Liver Diseases, Improves Bone Health, Improves Respiratory Health and Prevents the Risk of Anemia

Nutritional Value of Neera:

Neera contains lots of Vitamin, Minerals and other components, from that, some of the vitamins that Neera has are vitamin C and 12 of the essential B complex vitamins. Neera also contains a good amount of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc and phosphorus. Neera helps keeps your body hydrated while the supplements in it sustains your body and keeps you feeling vigorous and revived.

Neera Helps to Improve the Immune System:

Neera is a healthy drink that is useful for enhancing your general wellbeing. Since Neera is rich in vitamins and minerals, it can be utilized as a supplement. Neera contains high measures of glutamic acid, which is an amino acid utilized by your body to fabricate proteins. This amino acid is a standout amongst the most well-known neurotransmitter in the sensory system. The drink contains high measures of vitamins and minerals that lift resistant framework and enables your body to battle against different illnesses.

Neera Helps to Prevent Cancer:

Due to the high amount of phytochemicals and antioxidants, such as Vitamin C present in Neera, it is very useful for our overall health and also helps to prevent various types of cancer in our body, such as lung cancer, oral cavity cancer and colon cancer, etc.  Regular Consumption of Neera helps in fighting against free radicals and stabilized them, so that they should not do any oxidative damage to our healthy cells, these free radicals are the main causes of various types of cancer in our body.

Neera Helps to Reduce Blood Pressure: 

Neera are highly rich in potassium, which is very good for our circulation of blood in our body. Potassium acts as a vasodilator, which mean, it helps to reduce the strain from the blood vessels and proved smooth passage of blood through arteries, thus reduce the pressure of our cardiovascular system and lower the blood pressure.

Neera Improves Skin Health:

Due to the high amount of anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties present in Neera it can help in reducing the various kinds of skin related issues. Regular consumption of Neera help to protect our skin from oxidative damage caused by free radicals, it is the main cause of various types of skin issues, such as wrinkles, dark spots, signs of aging, etc.

Neera Improves Eye Health:

Due to the presence of Vitamin C in Neera, it is very beneficial for our eyes health and also helps to improve the eye vision. Different studies have been found that consumption of the Neera on a regular basis is not only helpful to improve the vision, but also helps to prevent various types of eyes related disease, such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

Neera is Ideal for Diabetic Patients:

Glycemic Index or GI is a measure of how quickly and how high a specific nourishment thing expands the level of glucose by discharges glucose into the circulation system. Neera has a low glycemic list and is hence viewed as a protected and solid drink for individuals experiencing diabetes. Not at all like numerous customary sweetening operators, the items that are produced using Neera equipped for giving a similar sweetness without causing spikes in glucose levels.

Neera Helps to Cure Liver Diseases:

As per the different studies, Neera is viable in curing liver infections, particularly the liver issues caused because of extreme liquor consumption. Neera can dispose of acetaldehyde, which is the poisonous metabolic result of liquor that causes liver harm. It additionally helps in enhancing the working of the liver. Apart from this Neera is also diuretic in nature, which means consumption of Neera can improve urination, which helps to eliminate extra toxin and uric acid from our body.  

Neera Improves Bone Health:

Due to the high amount of calcium found in Neera, it is very beneficial for our bone health and protects our bone from disease, such as osteoporosis. Calcium helps in improving the bone density in our body that helps to keep our bone strong even in our old age also. Beside this Vitamin K present in Neera also helps to prevent the loss of bone mineralization that helps in preventing Osteoporosis.

Neera Prevents the Risk of Anemia:

Due to the high amount of vitamin k and Iron present in Neera, it is very good for our overall health and helps to prevent the risk of anemia. As we all know anemia is a disease of iron deficiency in our body. So consuming of iron rich food, such as Neera can improve the iron level in our body, which helps in the production of hemoglobin in our body that helps to bind oxygen and other essential nutrient in red blood cells, so that it can be supplied to each part of the body cells.

Neera Improves Respiratory Health:

Due to the high amount of antibacterial and antiviral properties found in Neera, it is very beneficial to our respiratory health. Different studies have been proven that consumption of Neera on a regular basis can reduce the phlegm and mucus formation in our respiratory tract and it also helps to prevent the bacterial and viral infection in the respiratory tract. Beside this Neera is highly rich in antioxidant, which helps to prevent the oxidative damage to our respiratory tract cells caused by free radicals.
Health benefits of Neera