10 Health Benefits of Mesua Ferrea (Ironwood Tree)

Mesua Ferrea (Ironwood Tree) is highly rich in Anti-inflammatory, Anti-septic and Anti-oxidant properties. Health benefits of Mesua Ferrea (Ironwood Tree) includes preventing respiratory disorder, dysuria, Leucorrhoea, and Gouty Joints

June 2, 2018

Mesua Ferrea is one of the natural herbs cultivated in many regions throughout the world with numerous health advantages. Mesua Ferrea is also known as Ironwood Tree. It is a decorative and hardwood timber. It is believed that this natural herb is native to the Sri Lanka, India, southern Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Indochina, the Philippines, Malaysia and Sumatra, but now it is also cultivated widely all over the world for domestic and commercial purpose. Mesua is a lovely evergreen medicated tree that is utilized as a part of Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani system of solution for treatment of various health issues.

Due to various types of Vitamin, Minerals and nutrients, present in the Mesua Ferrea it has lots of health benefits. Among that some of the health benefits of Mesua Ferrea Preventing Gastrointestinal Diseases, Cure Respiratory Diseases, Contains Anti-inflammatory Properties, Cure Excessive Menstrual Bleeding, Helps in Curing Dysuria, Helps in Treating Leucorrhoea, Cure Dysentery, Prevents Skin Disorder, Cure Gouty Joints and also helps in Reducing Fever. 

Mesua Ferrea Prevents Gastrointestinal Diseases:

Different studies have been proven that flower of Mesua Ferrea is very helpful in treating of acidity in the stomach, loss of appetite, vomiting, heartburns, gastritis, hematemesis, peptic ulcer and pain in the intestine. Apart from these, it is also very good in treating diarrhea and dysentery, liver disorders and bleeding piles. Stamens of Mesua Ferrea flower is specifically used in curing chronic dysentery and bleeding diarrhea. The paste of Mesua Ferrea flower is also helps to treat bleeding hemorrhoids.  

Mesua Ferrea Cure Respiratory Diseases:

Different studies have been proven that flower of Mesua ferrea is very helpful in curing respiratory disorder, such as cough, bronchitis and asthma. Apart from this, you can take Stamens orally for cases of hemoptysis.

Mesua Ferrea Contains Anti-inflammatory Properties:

Mesua Ferrea contain essential oil, it has anti-inflammatory and pain soothing properties, which is very good for our body to reduce inflammation and pain. Studies have been proven that consumption of Mesua Ferrea tea on a regular basis can improve the blood circulation and reduce the strain on our blood vessels; it also prevents various types of heart related problem such as heart attack, heart stroke, etc. It also helps to reduce various types of inflammation related problem such as asthma, chronic muscle strain and arthritis. Due to increase of blood flow after consuming Mesua Ferrea tea, it is very good for our skin health and reduces anxiety and stress. Apart from these, you can use oil of mesua ferrea seed oil for gout pain.   

Mesua Ferrea Cure Excessive Menstrual Bleeding:

Heavy menstrual bleeding is characterized as blood misfortune more prominent than around 80 milliliters each cycle. Heavy menstrual bleeding might be caused by an assortment of basic physical issues. One noteworthy reason for menorrhagia needs to do with hormones. Teaspoon of the Mesua Ferrea flower powder blended in buttermilk is a decent solution for capture over the Heavy menstrual bleeding per vagina or seeping of any kind.

Mesua Ferrea Helps in Curing Dysuria:

Dysuria is disease of urinary tract infection and you are experiencing pain, discomfort and burning upon pee. Different studies have been proven that decoction made of Mesua Ferrea and sweetened with sugar is greatly advantageous in the states of painful urination, difficult urination, or blood in urine.

Mesua Ferrea Helps in Treating Leucorrhoea:

Abnormal discharge of a white, sticky, putrid material from the vagina is called Leucorrhoea. This basic issue may happen because of un-hygienic conditions, contamination of the genital tract, or hindered invulnerable capacity. In Ayurveda, Leucorrhoea is known as Shveta Pradar, where Shveta signifies 'white', and Pradar signifies 'release'. It is a universal problem of all most all the women. Different studies have been proven that Mesua ferrea is very helpful in preventing Leucorrhoea. To prevent leucorrhoea, make a paste from Mesua Ferrea flower and curd and have two teaspoons twice every day until the point when the white release stops.

Mesua Ferrea Cure Dysentery:

Dysentery is a disease of the digestive tracts that causes the diarrhea containing blood or mucus. Dysentery is exceedingly infectious and can be passed on in the event that you don't play it safe, for example, legitimately and frequently washing your hands. Different studies have been proven that Mesua Ferrea is very helpful in treating dysentery, due to its hemostatic property. To stop the bleeding you can consume its power with butter and sugar twice a day.

Mesua Ferrea Prevents Skin Disorder:

In etching, overflowing and dark of rosy staining of the skin, Mesua Ferrea seed oil is proven as a decent outer application and normalizes skin. That is why; it is a main component of numerous a cosmetic preparation.

Mesua Ferrea Helps in Treating A Fever:

Mesua Ferrea has febrifuge properties that bring down the body temperature by advancing sweat and reduce the infection caused by fever. It also helps to bring down the inflammation caused by fever.

Mesua Ferrea Cure Gouty Joints:

Different studies have been proven that Mesua Ferrea Seed oil makes an amazing relieving outer application and furthermore alleviates related agony and burning sensation.

Health Benefits of Mesua Ferrea