10 Health Benefits of Annatto

Health advantages of annattos include improved digestive health, help to keep our bone strengthen, prevent neural tube defects, prevent fever, promote healing

June 2, 2018

Annatto is a shrub cultivated many regions throughout the world with numerous health advantages. The scientific name of Annatto is Bixa Orellana. It belongs to the genus Bixaceae family. It is believed that this shrub is native to tropical regions of the Americas. Now it is cultivated all over the world, but widely cultivated in North, Central and South American region.  Annatto and its extracts are highly used in industrial food for coloring food such as cakes, sausages, cheese, butter and popcorn.
Annattos are highly rich in various types of vitamin, mineral and other component which is very good for our health. Some of health advantages of annattos include improved digestive health, help to keep our bone strengthen, prevent neural tube defects, prevent fever, promote healing, improve eye health, reduce depression and headaches, reduce nausea, and improve respiratory health.

Nutritional Value of Annatto:

Annattos contain lots of Vitamin, Minerals and other components. Some of the vitamins that annattos have folate,  Vitamin C, Vitamin A(carotenoids) and sodium and also content dietary fiber.

Improve Eye Health

A carotenoids content found in annatto is a strong antioxidant has a lot of health advantages not only related to the eye but also it's good for overall health. The reddish color of annatto seeds is because of carotenoid content in it. Carotenoid is a strong antioxidant, which helps to keep the vision health at old age and avoid growth of the cataracts. Carotenoids help to fight with free radical due to antioxidant properties and stabilize those free radicals to do the oxidative damage to our healthy cells, thus prevent in macular degeneration. As for the researcher to keep our vision good at older age, we should consume annattos on a regular basis.

Antioxidant Capacity

Annatto seeds are like other seeds which contain a lot of antioxidant properties. Due to antioxidant agent it helps to prevent wrinkles, sun ray exposure and age related skin issue. Because it is very good for our skin health it has been widely used in different cosmetic ingredients. Annatto seeds have anti-aging properties which help in preventing different kinds of skin related issues such as wrinkles, inflammation and other dark spots. Apart from this annattos also has tocotrienols substance which is an antioxidant is helping to promote skin grow.  We should add this food in our daily diet to keep our skin glow, healthy and wrinkles free.

Healthy Digestion

Due to a highly rich of dietary fiber content found in Annatto seeds, they are very good for our digestive health. Fiber helps to digest the important nutrients such as protein, carbohydrate, etc and add bulk to our stomach and ensure the bowel movement. Fiber also helps to eliminate waste from our body in time, thus prevent constipation, diarrhea, etc. Apart from that fiber content of annatto help to keep the blood pressure low and promote the production of insulin flow so that glucose levels can be controlled in our bloodstream thus prevent in diabetes. Studies say that those who are consuming annatto on a regular basis, they have better digestive health.

Strengthen Bones

Annattos are highly rich in calcium, it is very good for our bone to keep is stronger and healthier. Calcium is an important mineral for our bones because it helps to increase the bone density so that it will be strong also in old age. Deficiency of calcium in our body will be the reason of osteoporosis disease. So it will recommend that to keep our bone strong and healthy we should consume annattos on a regular basis in our daily diet.  

Prevent Birth Defects

Folic acid is a vitamin which helps specially women when they are pregnant because it helps the proper development of the babies while in the mother's womb, thus you can avoid neural tube disease. Due to the lack of folic acid level in the body of the pregnant women they are facing this kind of neural tube disease so doctor are suggested to keep folic acid level normal to avoid this kind of disease. Annattos are highly rich in folic acid, so consuming this food on a regular basis, especially pregnant women they can maintain folic acid level and prevent neural tube disease and insure proper growth of the babies in the mother womb.

Promote Wound Healing

Annattos are highly rich in antioxidant properties which help to heal the minor wound quickly and also it helps to promote the new cell and tissue production so that it prevent scarring and skin damage. Due to the antimicrobial properties of annattos, it helps to reduce the infection of the wound and burning skin.

Prevent Stomach Issue

Annattos are very good for our stomach health and it prevents different kind of stomach issue such as heartburn, stomach cramps, soreness, etc. You can directly eat annatto seeds if you have a stomachache, it will give you immediate relief from stomachache because it acts as a stomach acid. So we should eat annattos seeds in regular basis to keep our stomach healthy.

Prevent Cancer

As we previously know annattos are highly rich in antioxidant and it help to prevent cancer and also help in spreading cancer tumors. Norbixin content found in annattos is also a antioxidant, which has anti-mutagenic properties which help to stop the cancer cells to affect the healthy cells. By consuming this food on a regular basis we can reduce various types of cancer problem due to high rich in antioxidant properties found in it.

Gonorrhea Solution

Annatto is the one of the best food which can give relief from gonorrhea disease. Those who are suffering from this gonorrhea disease, they can use annatto paste to get relief from this issue.

Good for Kidneys

Due to the diuretic, antibacterial and bitter properties of the annatto seeds they are very helpful for our kidneys and also it helps to enhance the kidney function. Annatto has also helped to increase the sexual desire and prevent different type of health issue such as fevers, dysentery, malaria and hepatitis.

Health Benefits of Annatto